When weather has warmed up from winter and flowers begin to bloom, you know it’s springtime here at the Manor. Spring weddings have a special place in our hearts because it represents growth and re-birthing of a new season. Any sign of life brings hope after a long, dark, cold winter. When we hear birds chirp and see more birds nest being built, it is a physical sign of a new day.

We were blessed to see some B E A U T I F U L weddings this spring. Each wedding brings a new vision and new faces. We truly love getting to work with families to create the best day of their lives. One trend we saw was light pink bridesmaid dresses. This is a timeless look and perfectly captures the season of spring.

Another thing we noticed was, couples want to make sure their ceremony incorporates what is important to them. We’ve seen personalized vows wrote, a worship set and the planting of new life together. One couple literally potted a plant together during their ceremony to represent the growth and unification of their marriage. These types of actions are taking the place of the unity candle or sand ceremony that couples used to do during ceremonies.

Lastly, we just want to take a moment to acknowledge how beautiful East Tennessee is during the spring. The greens are so vibrant and garden blooms are breathtaking.

Being able to see the mountains year-round is a blessing. During springtime, these moutains have a greenish/blueish tint to them. Our brides love having the moutians as one of their backdrops on their wedding day.