It was a a cool fall day with spots of rain here and there. Today was the day that Shane and Montana had dreamed about for so long. With it raining off and on, Chad and I were constantly checking the weather and talking about rain plans.

When discussing this with Shane the night before, we knew their wedding day would be amazing regardless of the weather. Here’s how our conversation went:

“Shane, there about a 60% chance of rain tomorrow, do you want to set up the ceremony in the barn?”

His response was priceless-

“Well, there’s 100% chance that I’m marrying Montana tomorrow, so it doesn’t matter.”

We loved that their focus was 100% on each other this weekend. Luckily, the rain held off for most of the day so LTB Photography was able to capture many of their photos outside. The photo above (with the bridesmaids) is actually in one of our favorite spots on the property because it shows our willow tree. Many times this spot is not an option on a sunny day because the sun is too harsh-but on this partly cloudy day, it was the perfect opportunity to get this photo.

Montana looked like what you always envisioned yourself looking like on your wedding day. Classically perfect. The lace throughout her dress gave you that traditional feel but the chiffon material made it more of a classic modern vibe.

The groomsmen wore vest that were a spot on match with the bridesmaids dresses. Shane stood out from his groomsmen by wearing a white blazer over his vest.

(We love that his dad was his best man)

The ceremony was held inside the barn because the weather was too iffy to risk holding outside. By doing this, no one was stressed about the rain.

All in all, it was a wonderful day! Shane and Montana were very intentional about creating specific moments that allowed them to remember their wedding. One was, during their reception they snuck away to take a moment to just sit together to soak it all in. Another one was right before their exit, they ask everyone to go outside (to line up for the sparkler send-off) while they closed up the barn completely. It was just them, the DJ and photographer. During this time, they shared a dance with the lights dimmed.

We would highly recommend creating special moments just for the bride and groom to experience on their wedding day. This was something we have never seen before and we love it!

Shane and Montana-thank you for choosing us to host your wonderful day. We were honored to be apart of it❤️


Chad and Lori