On the morning of May 25th, Sara and her bridesmaids woke up and walked downstairs. They were the first set of ladies to have spent the night in our bridal cottage. Being able to have make up and hair professionals come to where the bride was at, makes things a lot more calm on a busy day.


The bridal cottage is a nice neutral background for photos. When Chad and I were designing this place, we wanted the walls to be simple and clean. We know that sometimes important moments can happen ANYWHERE in the house and we wanted each angle to be photograph-able. This is one of our favorite spots, and I believe that Sara has made this spot a MUST do for photos.

Sara was the perfect blend of a modern southern belle. The details and style of her dress truly reflects that. We love how simple (yet classic) her hair was, which contributed to the overall look and feel of the southern belle theme.


Mark and his groomsmen arrived at The Manor dressed and ready to go! They were able to beat the heat by hanging out on the front porch to do some photos. This group of guys were really a good set of groomsmen; in addition to being hilarious, they did whatever was needed on a wedding day (which can be a lot).


Mark and Sara did NOT do a first look but opted to have a moment without seeing each other. Mark’s groomsmen had got him down to the bridal cottage (while Sara was hiding) and got him ‘in place.’ Sara’s bridesmaids blindfolded Mark just to be sure he couldn’t see anything, while Sara got on the other side of the door. This moment was so beautiful. As an onlooker, I was about to burst with love and excitement for this couple.


The wedding was everything you wanted, with fantastic weather! Each family had contributed to making this a beautiful day.

One thing I really love about hosting weddings is getting to know the families. After it’s all said and done, I feel like I have been adopted by them and as a result, have about seven new Facebook friends afterwards. When the families are amazing, it really fills the day full of love.


Congratulations Mark and Sara! We were so honored to host your big day! We look forward to seeing you again soon!