I know it’s been a while since our last blog, but better late than never! Since our fall wedding season started, our lives got alittlebit busy! In the summer, we were able to finish up some small projects-but that’s not what this specific blog post is about.

This post is to recap how awesome Joseph and Lindy’s day was!

We always enjoy getting to work with some pretty rad vendors-so we’d like to take a minute to brag on their photographers, Rebekah and Caleb from Earth Psalm Photography! They were very approachable and professional. They were able to view the property in a new and fresh perspective. Most of the photos in this blog post are by them. We hope to see them again very soon.

One aspect of their day that I (Lori) liked was their bridesmaids dresses. Now I know that having different styles for each lady isn’t new, but when it is executed well, it looks great. I also L O V E D the color of these dresses because of how unique the color is and how perfectly fall they are.

Another vendor we got to work with (for the first time) was Just in the Nic of Wine.

It’s an old VW van that converts to a bar and the owners can serve out of it. In addition to being mobile, it creates the cutest ambience wherever it is. Luckily, we have already had this vendor back out to our property for another wedding.

The icing on the cake was getting to work with our friends at Humble Bee florist. We had just gotten this arbor two weeks before this wedding , so they were the first ones to decorate it. And boy did they knock it out of the park!

So a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful vendors who made Joseph and Lindy’s day a success. We couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) do it without you all. Lastly, thank you to Joseph and Lindy for choosing us to host your big day.

-Chad and Lori