Jacob and Brittany’s wedding was a blast! We’ve known this family a little over a year and have really enjoyed our time with them. I’m pretty sure I have every member of Brittany’s family in my phone contacts.

You could not have asked for a better day. Not only was the weather perfect but Brittany had great vendors, amazing bridesmaids and (like I said earlier) such a great family! It really makes all the difference on your wedding day when family drama is minimal (because there’s always the opportunity for drama hiding somewhere, there’s a lot going on, you know).

Jacob and Brittany didn’t want to do a first look but did want to do a first touch. These moments have quickly become a favorite for us.

If you’ve ever seen the movie up, then you already know what this badge means. For those of you who haven’t, here’s how it goes: One of the characters gives another character this badge and says, “me and you, we’re on a team now.” If you haven’t seen the movie, you’re missing out on a new classic.

Now back to the wedding….

You know how I said that her bridesmaids were awesome? Well, they absolutely looked the part too! I love maroon as a bridesmaids dress color for fall and winter weddings. It did get a little cooler later in the evening so those long sleeves came in handy.

The shot below is only achievable because of one of the bridesmaids-the bride’s sister.

While Jacob and Brittany were having their Bride and Groom portraits done, the brides sister was at the ready, just in case Brittany needed anything. Since we had an extra set of hands available, we totally used them for this shot!

To get this photo, you basically have someone throw the train of the dress in the air and then sprint out of the photo. After a few attempts, we finally got a great one!

One of our favorite vendors was on hand for this wedding-Just in the Nic of Wine! They definitely create ambiance wherever they go and do their job super well! We always like having them at the Manor.

Jacob and Brittany made sure that their personality shined throughout their day. For starters, they wrote their own vowels (and were actually able to read them)! It takes courage and vulnerability to do this and I’m always in tears by the end of it.

Congratulations Jacob and Brittany! We loved getting to know you all during your wedding season. We miss hanging out with y’all already!


Chad and Lori