Let me start by saying, this was one of our favorite weddings HANDS DOWN! There’s a lot of reasons for this, but for now let’s focus on the location of the wedding.

The weather for this weekend was calling for 100% chance of rain. During the rehearsal dinner Cheyenne and her wedding coordinator had decided to set up the ceremony site inside the barn (just to be safe). This way, there was no worry about what the weather would do. Let’s just say, what they did to our barn, WAS. STUNNING.

I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start with Cheyenne and her bridesmaids. They spent the night and got ready in the bridal cottage.

Luckily, it was not raining so we were able to take photos right outside the bridal cottage. We were in love with all these dresses because they were the same color palate but different styles and colors. Cheyenne had some pretty amazing bridesmaids who helped her get ready and assisted with photos. Spoiler alert: it took about three bridesmaids to achieve the photo below-

Another aspect that made Cheyenne and Caleb’s day so awesome was their florals. Travis from Blossom Barn in Rockwood, TN was wonderful. He helped transform the barn with florals and dropping. Here’s another shot of Cheyenne’s bouquet-

The florals were carried out all throughout the day. They definitely added elegance to the overall “feel” of the day. Here’s a couple of detail shots that we were able to snag-

The groomsmen were pretty fly too. We can’t forget about them. They ALL wore bright socks and were just a fun group of guys.

Now that we have caught you up on all the details prior to the wedding, let’s talk about THE actual ceremony. Like we stated earlier, the barn had been transformed into the ceremony space. The florals, draping and lights all helped create an intimate ceremony for all 160 guest.

We were able to the move the arbor (that’s normally in the field) right outside the barn; if it started to rain, we would be able to shut the barn doors. We loved seeing the spaced transformed.

Once the wedding was over, we started doing family photos…then bridal party photos…then a personality pic (because everyone was tired of photos).

What was supposed to be a rainy day, ended up being beautiful. While it did rain some during the reception, it didn’t affect the party going on inside the barn. One of my favorite memories from the day was during the reception. Everyone was dancing and singing a Bruno Mars song when the power flickered. The lights came back on immediately, but it took the DJ a minute to reboot. Meanwhile, everyone just keep on singing and dancing and the DJ was able to mix back in the music like nothing had happened. It was so cool!

Caleb and Cheyenne, thank you for choosing us to host your wedding! We loved every second of it and hope you did too! Praying blessings over your life and marriage.

-Chad and Lori