PUBLISHED ON April 9, 2019

Two weekends ago, we started work on our farmhouse tables. For those of you who don’t know, our barn originally had several horse stalls. When we took those out to open up the barn, we saved large sections of those walls to make farmhouse tables at some point in the future. Fast forward one year and we’re finally there.

These pieces of wall were massive, and made from 100+ year old heard pine tongue and groove boards. We had to cut them down to an appropriate table size to match our benches. Also they weighed a literal ton, so shedding some size made them much lighter. While they are still 9 feet long, we cut down the width from 5 feet to roughly 2.5 feet.

Once we got them cut down to size, we attached a frame to help stabilize the table (and to prevent it from bowing in the center).

With the help of my friend Lisa, we found some awesome folding table legs! They were pretty simple to attach, and work perfectly.

It was so cool to bring this first table BACK into the barn (where it had resided for over 110 years), with a new purpose. Our next step was to stand down the table top and to wash them off

This step made a MAJOR difference in the overall appearance. Our last step was staining and sealing them to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain, and provide some protection.

Andddddddd just like that, in one weekend, we built seven farmhouse tables! These were used for our first wedding of the season. Everyone loved them! No tablecloths needed : )