Brandan and Shannon’s wedding has a special place in our hearts for sure. Let’s rewind about two years ago to when Chad and I first moved out to the Manor. Brandan had heard about our vision and dream for the property and wanted to know if he could help us transform our property.

After meeting with Brandan and Shannon and showing them around our place, they knew this is where they wanted to get married (even though the barn was still a horse barn with dirt floors). The next step involved a man who would be influential in changing our property, Mr. Chris Harden (Brandon’s dad).

Not only was he a visionary himself, but he had the equipment to make big projects happen! There’s no telling how many conversations we had together about how to open up the barn or where the best place was to dig a ditch for a particular project.

Mr. Harden was a great person to bounce ideas off of and dream with. Whatever we decided to do, he was on board 100% (which gave us a boost of confidence). He became family to us.

In fact-all of the Harden’s felt like family. They celebrated our successes with us and dug in the trenches with us. They truly experienced each major milestone we did for the first 1.5-2 years at the manor.

All this made their wedding day that much more special. Each moment of their day felt personal to us. We were honored to be able to host their wedding day. I also was their photographer and had a blast getting to photograph them.

Here are a few highlights…

Congratulations Brandan and Shannon! We enjoyed each minute of your wedding (and the process leading up to it). You will never know just how much you and your family mean to us.


Chad and Lori