Sometimes, it’s easy to forget just how far we’ve come.

This all started off as a dream/vision from God. Something that we could only hope for. Something that we weren’t 100% sure about. But with a lot of help from God, friends and our community, we have been able to build what we dreamed of.

We were hoping and dreaming of this for such a long time, that we were afraid it might be just that. Sometimes Chad and I would look at each other and say, “Are we in over our heads?”

I remember one of the first things we did to our barn was take down the horse stall walls (which we saved and reused as farmhouse tables). I was so nervous. What if we messed up and “destroyed” this 100 year old horse barn for nothing?

With the help of these people, we accomplished a lot that day. I remember it being so cold, that we took breaks warming up in the truck (that was blasting heat) right beside the barn. We worked outside all day. But what that day taught me was, that this was actually going to happen.

This is what we got done that day. All the walls (and stalls) were gone, and it felt like true progress. I could start to see how this could be real. Chad has always been the visionary in the group. He can see things that I wouldn’t have ever thought about. He was more confident in the vision.

For almost the past two years, every free moment we’ve had, has been working on this venue. I have apologized to several friends and family (to whom I haven’t really seen much of) for not being around for certain parties or events. For those of you who own your own small business, you know that if you don’t put in the work-it doesn’t happen.

I will say that this property has brought Chad and I closer together. We knew when we went into this venture that it would either make us or break us. Never in a million years did I ever imagine that I would work this hard. Never…still to this day, my family will say, “Lori, I didn’t know you could do that,” or “I’m shocked at how hard you all work.” My response is always, “that’s what happens when you are married to Chad.”

Chad is the hardest working person I have ever met (which is saying a lot for those of you that know my mom). His energy and passion are contagious and makes you want to fight and work hard for the task at hand. I am amazed at his vision, his ability to inspire and the love he has for others.

Still to this day, we get overwhelmed with projects that we want to do. Each week we try and focus on something (big or small) to cross off the list. And I know that we will ALWAYS be wanting to improve our property. I think that just comes with the territory.

We have forced ourselves to remember that this entire property is a long-term project. During times that we are overwhelmed, it’s important to remember the quote at the top, “What is now proved was once only imagined.”

This helps us reflect on how much work has actuallybeen accomplished. I remember talking with Chad and saying, “can you imagine what this place will look like in a year? or two years?” Sometimes we still do this with hope of what’s to come.

So as I wrap up this blog post, a BIG thank you (if you are still reading this) to everyone who has helped us. From the people who helped us paint, do physical work, assist on wedding days and read our blog-we appreciate all of it.

Each encouraging word to social media comments, it means so much to us. We feel so much love and support from so many of you.

Until next time (or project),

-Chad and Lori