Now that we have most of the major projects finished, we are able to start working on smaller projects that help ‘polish’ the property. First up was the front barn doors.

Let me start by saying, we are so thankful for family that help us constantly. So when we called up Tommy and Brian they were already putting a plan together on how to create new barn doors. Thanks to great planning and buying the materials ahead of time, our team was able to take out the old door and track, install the new track, build the barn doors and install them all in a day and a half. Our goal is to paint them soon, but for now we are just admiring our new doors!

Another really noticeable change was staining the outside of the new bathroom addition! We stained it to try and match the rest of the barn. Our goal was to make it look like it’s always been there. Here’s the before and after:

Other projects that we are working on are creating walkways, building more retaining walls and starting construction on the bridal cottage! We have ordered kitchen cabinets and started collecting decor for the cottage. We are excited about doing more work on that house this fall.