Photo by Joy Wildflower Photography

Last Saturday we hosted one of the most beautiful weddings yet. Not only was the couple sweet but their love for each other was evident.

The morning started with Chad and I spreading gravel to create a walkway to the barn. Soon after that, we hung lights on the porch connected to the barn. Then we created a temporary handrail to outline the dance floor/patio. It’s amazing the ambiance that hanging lights can create.

By this time, it was about 3pm. The wedding started at 6 pm-so we had about 1.5 hours before we had to start parking cars. Luckily, my parents had volunteered to help us with the wedding (and also brought us dinner) and they were complete life savers for that day. Dad helped usher people from the parking lot to the barn by driving people on the golf cart : ) Mom informed guests on where the wedding would be by pointing them in the right direction.

Once the wedding started, everything went smoothly. We loved the details this bride put into her big day. Just look at this sweetheart table…

Abigail was one of the first brides to book with us-so this day was extra special. She believed in us when all we had was a horse barn with 10 horse stables. So we were more than thrilled to have everything done for her big day!

I loved every moment of getting to work with Abigail and her family. Check out some of the special details she added:

We were proud to be the backdrop of these beautiful photos taken by Joy Wildflower Photography:

Each wedding Chad and I set new goals. We learn from our progress and celebrate each mile marker we pass. We can’t wait to keep pushing forward through it all. Thank you to everyone for your constant support. Without the Lord and our family-we wouldn’t be here.