As everyone in East Tennessee knows, it’s been raining non-stop for the last five days. Now normally I love the rain-but not when you are trying to install bathrooms/pour concrete. This week is a huge week as far as construction goes. Our projects are:

-pour the concrete for the patio in front of the barn

-dig out the footers for the bathrooms

-pour the concrete for the bathrooms

-lay the drain pipe (prior to pouring)

Oh and did I mention that the Brown family is leading the construction project to build the bathrooms?!? Yes, you read that right!

These guys can do anything! I’ve got to say-I’m impressed every time they do a new project.

This week they built the walls and dug out the area for the bathrooms. This project couldn’t have gotten off the ground without Mr. Hardin! He has been a God send with all his help!

In theory, the concrete gets poured toward the end of the week. After that-they can put up the walls they have built and order the tin roof.

Even though the rain took up a lot of the day-this crew stayed productive. By the time the rain stopped they were ready to kick it into gear.

Let’s just hope that the rain gives us a break over the next few days!