We have big news! We have sold out May 2019 completely! Four wonderful couples will be celebrating their big day with us at the manor-and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Currently, some of the projects we are working on include:

-creating a patio in front of the barn

-putting in access steps to get to the barn

-installing fans in the barn

-renovating our bridal cottage and…

-working on the restrooms for the barn!

Whew! I’m tired from just writing all that! We should have the fans installed and the steps finished by this coming weekend. Each project that we cross off our list feels better and better.

A few projects that are just about done (like 80%) are painting these church pews and staining the new beams inside the barn.

Staining these beams really upgraded the feel of the barn. Now these beams (that are pretty new) just fit right in with the rest of the barn and you don’t really notice them anymore.

So while we still have a lot to do, each day feels like progress. Of course, renovations never go as fast as you want them to when they are your projects that you oversee everyday. Therefore, I’m trying to focus on the journey of this adventure verses just wishing for it all to be completed. We are constantly learning new skills and trusting God more each day.

More soon!