As I sit here to write this, it’s hard to even know where and how to start. I am so overwhelmed with God’s faithfulness that I knew I had to share this testimony.

First let me begin by saying that God is faithful even when we aren’t. He shows himself faithful time and time again. I’m not sure why I don’t have this ‘faith that can move mountains’ yet but I think that is just us being human.

In church, when we take up offering, my pastor says, "We are praying for bonuses, raises, and checks in the mail." Now, all those things sound realllllllyyyyy nice, but do they actually happen? Like for real-who just gets a random check in the mail?  I mean, I pray and try to receive that but, me personally, I have never experienced anything like that. I celebrate the individuals who do experience that, but I just could never relate.

LET ME JUST TELL YOU RIGHT HERE-God has done every single one of those things for me and Chad. Every. One.

Each of these came at a time where we looked at everything and thought-how are we going to get through this? How can we accomplish this? ……BUT GOD.

Here’s one specific story:

Chad and I were working on the property on a Sunday (and not at church) trying to get ready for that week’s wedding and we were so stressed. Stressed about getting things done, paying for the bills, and finishing up everything before the wedding. We had just balanced our checkbook the night before to layout where we could spend money and where we couldn’t…So we come in for lunch to take a break and decide to check our mail (from Saturday) and BAM there was an escrow check saying we had paid too much.

Now talk about a breakthrough-that’s not all. Then the next day, we get a check in the mail from a wedding that I had photographed earlier that month. I’m like, “God you are so good” and I thought God was done showing off-nope…..two days later, a bride contacts us and says, “we have decided to go with your wedding venue AND we want you to shoot the photos….check’s in the mail.”

At that point I was completely overwhelmed with God showing himself faithful-not one, not two but three times. Now, I’m not saying that this solved all our problems (because it didn’t), but what I am saying is that it helped….a lot. Maybe more mentally and spiritually than monetarily. It was just another reminder of God.

As I type these words, I am so emotional of God opening up every door that we thought would be shut for us. At every city council meeting we had to go to-there was no opposition, during the majority of weekends-we have had friends and family volunteer to help us finish projects, and through it all-God has given us more peace than we ever have experienced in our lives.

I look back at these eight months, and I can see God moving all these pieces ever so subtly. Pieces that I didn't even know needed moved. Pieces that I never thought could make a difference or be significant.

So, with a thankful heart I say, “God is faithful. Always.” And if everything collapses tomorrow, I will still say, “God is faithful. Always.” Because He is. He has a plan for our lives and YOURS. He sees each skill set that you have and is just waiting to use you. He knows exactly where you are and will meet you there.

We would love to hear your testimony of God’s faithfulness in your life! Feel free to comment below and share your story : )