It was the night before the wedding and all through the house…

Yeah I’m so exhausted I don’t have the energy to make up a poem…

But it was a good day. It felt so good to finally see our vision of hosting a wedding come true (well-a rehearsal dinner at least). We have a great bride and groom with awesome families. They are flexible, friendly and have been understanding about some first wedding set backs.

With their rehearsal up first, everyone went to the field to stake out their seat for tomorrow and to figure out their places for the ceremony.

Then came the rehearsal dinner. This couple catered Cracker Barrel (awesome, right?) and had plenty to go around…twice.

Tonight-even though Chad and I are super tired, I felt proud. I felt proud that a couple chose to get married on our property and even though it’s still a work in progress, it was beautiful. I have always wanted a home/property that other people felt comfortable at. Seeing people reunite with friends and family made me see that we had created a place for people to be comfortable and reconnect.

I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. This will be the first of many learning opportunities to see how this place functions as a wedding. It will be fun to begin to tweak this place to better serve future bride and grooms.