Wow. This weekend was one for the books. The term “busy” doesn’t even begin to describe what happened…

We can now proudly say that our house is all painted the same color! We had to rent an 80-foot lift and hired a local painter to paint the turret and the eves at the top of the house. It makes a huge difference to finally have all the painting done.

Another thing we got finished was staining the concrete floor. We decided to go with a dark brown since the porch is stained a similar color. Chad’s Dad pressure washed the walls and the floor of the barn-so all that natural wood looks like it did 100 years ago.

The last big thing we got done was staining parts of the porch railing and start pitying up the under pinning of the porch. Here’s a before:

And here’s the after:

Other various things that got worked on were:

  1. Mr. Hardin dug out the new driveway for the parking lot
  2. He also dug more of our sewer line and helped spread some top soil
  3. About 70% of the backside of the chicken coop got painted
  4. The final layer of sealant went on the porch
  5. We tied up the waterline and can start to landscape around certain spots of the property

So we are pretty much ready for our first wedding. There are a few more small things that we will get done this week before Friday, but overall we have a lot more peace about the venue.

Again, we are thankful for all our friends and family who have volunteered to help make this dream possible.