Y’all…Today was a big day.

Not only did we get lights installed, we got them powered! This is such a game changer for me because it really is starting feel like a wedding venue. Each big step like this, really helps bring our vision to life.

Another thing we got done today was another retaining wall. Here is the before, during and after pictures..

In addition to this:

  1. the chicken coop got its second coat of paint (well, three sides of it did), and I might have spilled some paint on myself..
  2. our friend Mr. Hardin came and covered up the French drain,
  3. More outlets were installed in the barn and….

The local newspaper came out and did a story about us!!! The journalist was so nice and encouraging about our venue. She was super conversational and just a pleasant person to share our story with. The photographer took a lot of photos of the property-so I’m eager to see what picture show up in the paper. In theory, the story is supposed to run in Monday’s paper. You better believe, I’ll be buying 20 copies the day it comes out.

We are just overwhelmed with all the progress that is happening with the property. It’s exciting and exhausting all at the same time. We can feel all the prayers coming our way. It’s the only way we are functioning right now. We are thankful and grateful for this opportunity that God has given us.