Now that the barn was completely opened up, there were several things that needed to be done. First, clean the barn floor so we could spread gravel in preparation for concrete, and second-start building several retaining walls around the property.

With the help of some family (Clint and Brittany), we accomplished a lot that weekend. Brittany and I cleaned up the barn and started to spread gravel while Chad and Clint built the retaining wall next to the barn.

[wpvideo QagsfqCb ]

I’m not sure I’ve ever shoveled that much gravel in my entire life! I will say, I got my arm workout in for the month! In total for that entire weekend, I probably shoveled gravel for 7 hours! 💪🏼

Meanwhile, the guys were moving gravel to put up around the new retaining walls.

After the barn was finally finished, our concrete man came out to inspect our work and prepped to pour.

Meanwhile, during all this, we were adding a new side porch to the barn.

Chad and his dad built doors for the door going from the porch to the barn. I gotta say that I’m impressed. They did this in two days! At some point we would love to rebuild the doors on the front and back of the barn because we love the look of the wood contrast. For now, enjoy the final product of the side barn doors.