Our next project was something I knew had to happen from the first time I stepped on the property-bury the power lines. I told Chad that even if we didn’t make this a wedding venue, we had to bury the lines. They ran all through the field and were super intrusive to almost every sight line from the house.

Since he agreed, we started planning on how to get it done. After working with the city and our electrician, we figured out we had to dig a three-foot ditch and buy the actual lines/cords. After the ditch was dug (thanks Chad and Tommy), the city came to measure it, our electrician did his thing and we could start to fill back in the ditch.

It’s easy to act like this was a quick and painless process…it was not. I’d say this project took about two months. We had had the ditch dug for a while before we could get everything else to fall into place.

More recently, Chad and I spread grass seed, grass food and straw to encourage grass to grow back over where we had dug. With all the crazy weather we’ve had, growing grass also seems to be a slow process but at least you can tell that grass is growing-just slowly.

No more power lines! On to the next project….