Next up was working on the barn! We realized that there were several places on the property to get married but our main priority had to be working on the barn as a reception venue. A little backstory here-

The man who built the house & barn on this property owned a lumber yard-so all the wood is in amazing condition.

manor 2

This barn had eight horse stables and two work rooms in it. Each stable/room was built out of tongue & groove flooring (wow). Even 100+ years after it was built, this barn is still just as sturdy as ever. To make this a reception venue-we had to take the walls out. You better believe that we saved as much of the wood as we could.


We had met with a construction company to see what it would take to be able to open this barn up. He said, “if you can take the walls down to the studs, my guys can do the rest.” As is the Brown family way, we began working on this next project.


The day we started working on this, it was 30 degree outside. Regardless, we had to get it done! It took 2-3 weekends of taking down the walls, but we finished. Again, we are very thankful for family and friends who were able to help with this massive project.

manor 15

As you can see in this photo, Chad and his brother Clint were removing the siding off the walls of the main hallway. The walls that were separating the stables were cut into two large pieces (about 5 feet by 10 feet). We will be turning these pieces into tables to use during the receptions that will be hosted in the barn!


Almost done…


Finished! Well, at least our part was. Now it was time for the construction crew to add some supporting beam and clear out the rest.