Sometime in late October, we thought we would go ahead and start a Facebook page-that way we could keep our friends and family in the loop of how things were going on the property (Side note: Check us out in the sidebar to connect with us on Facebook, or @themanoratstowershill on Instagram). In addition, we wanted to begin marketing our property as a wedding venue; so I had some of my recently married friends pull their dress out and be my models.


Not only was this a success, this is what really started getting brides interested in our property. In a matter of two months, we had 500 likes on Facebook and started booking appointments for brides to come see the property.


We booked our first bride on December 14th for October of 2018. We could not believe a complete stranger could see what we saw (even without having anything ready). Her energy gave us a new boost of hope and faith that we were taking steps in the right direction.


Soon after the new year, we booked two more brides! Having photos of brides on the property allowed people to see themselves here on their big day.


These photos showed me a sliver of what our property could be known for in less than a year.


As more time passed, we signed more brides. Each one felt like a new member of our family and gave us more and more excitement. Now, we really have some work to do to get this place ready….